ISTx Platform

Our core technology platform is the heart of our business. It connects everything we do – passengers, assets, and routes. We have gone beyond logistics to create a unique data model that provides real-time intelligences to visibility, forecast, and provisioning. The ISTx platform empowers each of our service divisions to deliver on the promise we make to our clients, partners, and passengers.


Purpose and poise.

Our ISTx Platform is – at its core – all these things. The vision to not only see what is “now”, but what is to come – With a purpose that unites function and efficiency and the poise to be accessible and clear. If this doesn’t sound like any platform you have known, you are not alone. That’s why we started developing the platform that will establish the cornerstone of available transportation and logistics inventory. With a final development and roll-out scheduled over the next two quarters, the ISTx Platform is the centerpiece of our ongoing strategy into extended service models.

Data has a pulse. If it stops moving it dies. ISTx is the heart that pumps the lifeblood of any private charter service: Real-time live data. Visibility is critical and knowing the right data points to capture and monitor is at the core of our business. Great vision results in less empty seats, higher client satisfaction, and better decision making. ISTx keeps data moving.

We all need grinders on our team.  Those that can just put their heads down and plow through the tough jobs.  Grinders don’t question, they just work.  From simple private charter jet scheduling to maintenance scheduling and monitoring, ISTx does the job.  Our platform manages all the day-to-day tasks which can bring some private jet charter services to a halt.  ISTx enables charter companies to stay FAA maintenance compliant, resulting in a safer fleet.  Safety management is not something we consider a feature.  It is a key benefit of ISTx.

You don’t have to see the brains of the operation or meet the grinder to experience the result. The front-end user experience of ISTx leaves nothing to be desired. Accessible. Mobile. Intuitive. There is a certain beauty in clarity, and our user experience is beautiful.


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